Frequently Asked Questions

A selection of common questions asked about my massage therapy services including, how to get the most out of treatment, how to find my Kenninghall therapy room in Norfolk, plus sports massage therapy as wider topic. Answers have been compiled on a single page for your convenience.

The easiest way to book is through this website. Please note that I do ask for a 50% deposit on booking. This is refundable on cancellation as long as you give at least 24 hours notice, or can be transferred to a rearranged appointment.

We begin with a chat about your needs, background, and any issues that you may be experiencing. This may take place over the phone when you book, or at the appointment itself. I may need to make some brief observations of your posture, test the range of motion in your joints, or ask you to carry out certain movements (such as a squat or lunge) so it’s useful if you wear shorts and a T-shirt to your appointment, or change when you arrive.

I will then ask you to make yourself comfortable on the couch under a blanket. You may need to disrobe to your underwear, depending on where we are working and what you are wearing, but never more than that. When I return, I will ensure that you are comfortable, fold back the blanket to expose the part of the body on which we will be working, and begin your treatment.

After your massage is complete and you have redressed, we will have another brief chat about how you are feeling and if appropriate I will demonstrate some exercises and stretches that you can do at home to prolong the benefits of your treatment, and advise you on your aftercare. Then you’re all done, and hopefully feeling relaxed and ready to face the world again!

I am based in a small village called Kenninghall, near to the three towns of Diss, Attleborough and Thetford in Norfolk. You can find a map of my location on my contact page.

You can book appointments in Kenninghall through my website.

My treatment room at Kenninghall has four steps up to access the path to the room, and one further step up into the room itself.

If you need step-free access, please get in touch so that we can discuss our options as I may be able to suggest an alternative venue. Please note that wherever your treatment takes place, you will need to be able to get on and off the massage table without my assistance. 

Step access illustration, Hannah Tabram Kenninghall treatment room

There is private parking at my Kenninghall treatment room.

Please feel free to pull right up onto the driveway and don't worry about blocking our cars in.

Wear something comfortable. You may prefer to bring a pair of shorts to change into, especially for sports massage treatments on the legs.

Please be aware that you will never disrobe to beyond the level of your underwear and that you will be covered with a blanket throughout your treatment, apart from your head and the area of the body being worked on.

At Kenninghall, there is private parking, and drinking water and hand-washing facilities are available. The treatment room has no dedicated customer toilet facilities available at this time. 

I have a range of products for my treatments, but generally I use Songbird Unscented Liquiwax. This product contains olive oil, beeswax, arnica and vitamin E, and is an excellent product for sports and remedial massage.

Other products which I use include grapeseed oil, Naqi massage lotions, Pepperfit oils and Melrose water dispersable massage oil. So there is almost certainly a massage medium to suit you in my treatment room!

Please note some massage oils do contain nut products but I do have alternatives. Please ask at booking. 

Deep tissue massage is frequently delivered as a full-body treatment, while sports massage is targetted to the areas of the body requiring treatment.

I can take payments by card or in cash.

I would respectfully ask that you provide at least 24 hours notice of a cancellation or rescheduling of your appointment. Missed appointments will incur a 50% charge, as it is often impossible to rebook slots with less than 24 hours notice.

I understand that emergencies can arise, and that illnesses can strike at inopportune times. If you have a raised temperature, known infection, or have experienced vomiting or diarrhoea in the 48 hours preceding your appointment, I would request that you cancel your session. Severe weather that makes travel dangerous may also lead to late cancellations. Late cancellations due to emergency, illness or severe weather will not generally incur a cancellation fee (to be decided on a case by case basis).

Please also refer to my Covid-19 Safety Policy.

You will need to pay a 50% deposit at the time of booking, via PayPal. In the event of you failing to attend your appointment, this deposit will be retained. 

Remember that you can amend or cancel your appointment online up to 24 hours in advance, and in case of emergency it may still be possible to reorganise your appointment with less than 24 hours notice, at my discretion.

Hannah Tabram Kenninghall massage therapy room exterior in early summerHannah Tabram Kenninghall massage therapy room interior