About Hannah Tabram Sports massage and soft tissue therapist

Hi, and welcome to my website! I’m Hannah, a level 4 sports massage and soft tissue therapist, mum, dog-mum, and runner. I’m also qualified in hot and cold stone massage and pregnancy massage, and have additional training in muscle energy techniques. I’m a member of the Sports Therapy Association, and insured by Balens. I work from a garden treatment room at my home in Kenninghall, Norfolk.

I began my working life as a civil servant, and then moved into working for an international animal welfare charity. However, a career break after starting my family led me to reassess my priorities and I decided to retrain as a sports massage therapist. I love the feeling of helping my clients feel their best and perform at their best too.

Embracing exercise and supporting others

I discovered a love of running after having children, and especially love to hit the trails around my local area! I’ve recently taken up canicross, and am a member of the Kings Forest Canicross Club, occasionally racing with my dog Monty. I also try to practice yoga regularly, cycle, and train for strength as often as I can fit in. It’s fair to say that after a lifetime of very much viewing myself as not ‘sporty’, I have found a new love of exercise and activity! I also understand how frustrating pain and injury can be when they stop you from doing what you love, and how draining it can be to be in pain. Sports massage is a huge part of keeping me on the road, so I’m really excited to be able to offer that same support to others. It’s truly the most rewarding job I have ever done.

Inclusive sports massage for all ages and backgrounds

My youngest clients are 10 years old and my oldest is 87. They range from athletes competing at the highest levels, to people wanting support for heavy physical jobs, and everything and everyone in between. I know that sports massage can seem intimidating to those of us who don’t think of ourselves as ‘sporty’, but the techniques that I use can be of benefit to anyone. As a therapist I am particularly passionate about bringing the benefits of sports massage to people who may not feel it's for them. You don't have to play a sport or even enjoy sport to get a sports massage. I strive to make my clinic as inclusive and welcoming as I possibly can.

Special areas of interest

With that in mind, let me stress that all are welcome in my clinic! However, like many therapists, I am drawn to certain areas of practice. My own life experiences as a woman, a mum and a therapist have led me to several areas of particular interest, including:

  • Clients with learning disabilities, including children (please note that for minors in particular, additional approval may be required in certain cases before treatment can be carried out)
  • Clients experiencing chronic pain caused by conditions such as fibromyalgia and polymyalgia
  • Runners of all ages, distances and experience levels!
  • Women experiencing menstrual issues, such as dysmenorrhea and endometriosis
  • Women during pregnancy and the post-partum period
  • Women experiencing menopause and perimenopause
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Hannah Tabram in her Kenninghall therapy roomHannah Tabram running canicross with Monty
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